Author: C.paradisi


Haiku I

Haiku I by C.paradisi This album was composed in 2013 and submitted to the Subterranean Tide netlabel for their Haiku series. These tracks embody, for me, the quiet…

The Color of Spring

Released 2014 The Color of Spring by C.paradisi Generative ambient music created with Intermorphic Noatikl. Stream / Buy

Sketches from the Edge of Silence V.2

Sketches from the Edge of Silence V.2

Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V.2 by C.paradisi This is my second selection of ambient sketches. Unlike the first collection, these pieces represent my exploration of generative…

Sketches From the Edge of Silence Vol. 1

Sketches from the Edge of Silence V.1

Sketches From The Edge of Silence V.1 by C.paradisi These tracks represent a collection of ambient musical sketches. I would sit down and begin by finding a subtle…